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Email: Greetings from Japan – Tokyo


Date: Sunday, 9 June 2002 22:19 PDT
Subject: Greetings from Japan

Just wanted to drop a note to say that we made it here safely. We arrived at approximately 2:45 PM on Sunday. We changed some money, activated our train pass and took the one hour ride into Tokyo. We are staying at one of the three youth hostels in central Tokyo. At night, we went to Yakitori alley in Ginza to find some eats. Ginza is like many downtown areas that we have been to. It is like Piccadilly Circus or Hong Kong. We finally found a place that would not break the bank. They had the radio on loud with one of the World Cup games on. This made for good atmosphere. The food was good, but still expensive – about US$35. The beer was good and cold.

Today, we took a bullet train to Nikko – a UN World Heritage site. There are many temples and shrines – a common thing here. The site is located in the hills with streams and forests surrounding it. There were giant cedar trees – 5 – 8 feet in diameter and at least 100 feet tall. We saw the famous – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys carved on a temple. There were monks chanting and burning incense. We saw a tour group praying for more goals for Ireland in the next game. We had a great lunch at a very small place on the way back to the train station.

On Wednesday, we go to Hiroshima.

Hope everything is going well,
Darren, Sandy, Lauren and Kristen