Peru: Canyon del Colca Trek

«Lake Titicaca Arequipa»

13 – 15 August 2005

Canyon del Colca, or Colca Canyon, is the world’s second deepest canyon. It is about 3,191 meters (or about 10,500 feet) deep, just less than the deepest neighboring canyon a short distance away. Nestled in the Andes, it provides great opportunites for trekking, although not in the deepest part of the canyon. We booked a three night, four day, trip into the canyon, which included a three day hike, as well as a tour of some of villages and a condor lookout. The hike was very difficult, in that the trail was steep and dusty and there was virtually no shade.

We spent two nights in tents and visited several villages deep in the canyon. The last morning was an early start as we climbed up 4,300 feet along a steep trail before reaching our transportation at 11,000 feet. Although it was a hard trip, we were rewarded with beautiful scenery, the serenity of being in nature and the new friendship of a Spanish / Italian couple who accompanied us on the trip.

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