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Best of Ecuador: Haciendas, Volcanos and the Jungle

Ecuador provided a great getaway to experience historic haciendas, beautiful volcanoes with sweeping vistas and natural rain forest jungle in the Amazon Basin. All of this was experienced during a 10 day trip in November 2008.

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2 November 2008

Fly from Los Angeles to Quito, Ecuador, via plane change in Miami; transfer to Otavalo (Hacienda Cusin)


3 November 2008

Explore Hacienda Cusin and visit village of Laguna de San Pablo


4 November 2008

Day trip to Otavalo market


5 November 2008

Travel south to Hacienda San Agustin de Callo; stop at the equator en route and tour the site


6 November 2008

Day trip to Parque Nacional Cotopaxi; drive through park with guide and hike around a lake


7 November 2008

Fly from Quito to Coca and a two hour boat trip to Sacha Lodge on the Rio Napo River; night hike with our guide


8 November 2008

Lower Rio Napo: Morning hike and visit to three canopy towers and wildlife viewing; afternoon hike through swamp and views of monkeys


9 November 2008

Early morning parrot clay lick viewing in the Lower Rio Napo; late afternoon canoe trip, tree canopy visit and wildlife viewing


10 November 2008

Boat trip back to Coca and flight to Quito; afternoon walk around Old Town portion of the city


11 November 2008

Fly from Quito to Los Angeles, via plane change in Miami

We took 700 pictures and 2 1/2 hours of High Definition Video. The following video summarizes a portion of our trip.

Episode 1 – Cotopaxi
Cotopaxi is the name of a near-perfect volcano near the Hacienda where we stayed. We saw wild horse, deer and birds while in the National Park.