Cosmos: Northern Thailand

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency

«Bangkok Phnom Penh, Cambodia»

3 – 10 January 2004

After taking an all-night train to Chiang Mai, we spent a couple of days exploring the many temples in town and enjoying the night markets and food.  We then took a public bus and taxi to Tha Ton, near the border with Myanmar. We hired a longboat to take us 35 miles down the Mae Kok River to Chiang Rai.  Along the way, we stopped at hill tribe villages and rode elephants for an hour.  In Chiang Rai, we were taken to an authentic Akha tribe village, where we spent two nights.  One of the days we hiked around the area and had lunch prepared for us which consisted of local vegetation and water creatures from the river.

Music from the Chiang Mai night market dancers:

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Current Time in Thailand: