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Scotland: Fort William

Posted on Jul 12, 2009

We spent three days in Fort William enjoying several outdoor activities, including hiking and boat cruising on a lake. We also took a day trip by train and ferry to the Isle of Skye.

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Scotland: Edinburgh

Posted on Jul 10, 2009

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, was our last stop on our train journey. We spent time here visiting many historic sights as well as several museums.

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Switzerland and More: Europe by Train and Foot

Posted on Jul 7, 2009

We took a three-week trip to five countries in Europe, using the train and bus as our primary modes of transportation. Our children were six and nine during this trip, which was their first taste of extended international travel in a hostel setting. We also spent quite a bit of time hiking in the Swiss Alps, completing some beautiful day hikes as well as treks to two different overnight huts nestled in the mountains.

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Alaska: The Last American Wilderness

Posted on Mar 9, 2009

We explored Alaska by train and cruise ship over 13 days in June 2007. The highlights of the visit included two national parks, Denali and Glacier Bay, as well as activities in four cities. The wide open spaces and natural beauty made it a very special trip.

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Across the USA by Train

Posted on Mar 8, 2009

Traveling across the USA by train is an unique way to see and experience the variety and scale of the country. We broke up the journey, stretching it into a 17 day trip in August / September 2004, by stopping at Glacier National Park for five days and visiting Chicago before reaching New York City. Along the way we saw beautiful mountain and plains scenery and four of the major rivers in the United States: the Columbia, Missouri, Mississippi and Hudson. This, mixed in with the vibrant city life of Chicago and New York City, made for an interesting and enjoyable trip.

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Japan by Bullet Train

Posted on Feb 11, 2009

We took a 17 day family trip to Japan in June 2002. It was the first time the girls had been to Asia, so it was a quite different experience for them.

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