Guatemala: Tikal

Tikal is one of the major sites of Mayan civilization, inhabited from the 6th century B.C. to the 10th century A.D. It was the ceremonial center and contains superb temples and palaces, and public squares accessed by means of ramps. We spent three days view this and other ruins in the vicinity.

Death Valley: Badwater, Artists Palette, Zabriskie Point

We spent the first day of our 4×4 off-road trip through Death Valley National Park in the south side of the park. After visiting Saratoga Springs in a remote section and viewing the rare pupfish, we joined the main road to see Artists Palette, Badwater from Dante’s Peak and Zabriskie Point in the afternoon light.

Death Valley: The Racetrack and Hunter Mountain

The last portion of the trip to Death Valley was spent in some of the most remote part of the national park. We visited the mystery of The Racetrack, exploring the rocks that move across the dry lake bed. After a beautiful drive through Hidden Valley we spent the night on Hunter Mountain, where snow the next morning really surprised us!

Trans USA Train: Travel to Glacier National Park

To begin this cross country journey, we went north by train to Oregon, where we had to resort to taking a replacement bus to meet our connecting train that left Portland before we were due to arrive. Once on the second train east, we made our way toward Glacier National Park. The scenery during the 48 hour journey was spectacular!