Uganda: Entebbe and Ngamba Island

Our first stop in Uganda was Entebbe. We spent two days there acclimating to Africa before beginning our safari. While there, we visited a chimp sanctuary and a botanical garden.

Uganda: Queen Elizabeth National Park

Two days were spent exploring different portions of Uganda’s most popular savanna national park, Queen Elizabeth. We were able to view a variety of animals by the water and in classic African grassland settings.

Uganda: Lake Mburo National Park

Our final stop and national park experience in Uganda was at Lake Mburo. Here we took a late afternoon walking safari to see the animals in a more intimate setting.

Cosmos: South Africa

After an all-night flight from London, we first arrived in Johannesburg and then took a short flight to Cape Town. We spent one entire day touring the Cape Pennisula, seeing penguins and visiting the Cape of Good Hope.

Cosmos: Namibia

We reached Windhoek, Namibia, the capital city, via a 21 hour bus ride from Cape Town. Our major activity in Namibia was a four day visit to Etosha National Park, in the northern part of the country.