Come Follow Us as We are Trekking the Planet

We are excited to announce that we are planning a new adventure, beginning in January 2012! This journey is called Trekking the Planet. It is a 400-day, around-the-world trip to raise geography education awareness.

Next Trip is to Panama!

In a couple of weeks the next stop will be in Panama for a five day adventure. Plans are to take a rail trip between Panama City and Colon, spend a day along the Caribbean coast and jungle hike and river raft. Stay turned for pictures and commentary from this latest trip!

What is the Future of Printed Guidebooks?

I love reading guidebooks and use them extensively in trip planning and while on the road. However, they are a pain to travel with since they are bulky and weighty. I am intrigued now by electronic media, both written and audio, as perhaps a solution to this printed guidebook issue.

Using My iPad on The Road – First Impressions

When the iPad was introduced a few months ago, I grappled with the decision of whether to buy one. It wasn’t a question of the technology, which I thought was really great, but whether it would be practical for me to have, given the cost. So I began to think how I would use it and, of course, taking it on the road was one of those considerations.

New Canadian Train Journey Planned

We are getting ready to take another epic train journey in June – this time to Canada. We will board The Canadian train in Toronto, Ontario for a four night journey to Vancouver, British Columbia. During the 2,775 mile trip we will pass through Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Why Travel?

We recently returned from a two week trip to South America, visiting Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. It was a tough journey, probably the most adventurous trip in several years that we have taken. We were actually on the ground for only 12 days and seeing four countries in that time was ambitious. What made it more so was the fact that we covered much of it overland, taking a 14 hour overnight bus, and then boarding other local buses for six hours and two hours, along with a 90 minute ferry ride. We also crossed four borders overland, exchanged money between each and had to rely on our high school Spanish throughout, which made things take longer and resulted in some comedic situations. I couldn’t help feeling at one point in the trip, however, that maybe I was getting too old for this.

Argentina Planning Update: Almost Ready to Go!

It is now just a few weeks before we leave for our two week journey to Argentina, with stops in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Our passports have been making the rounds the past few weeks, getting the needed visas for the trip.

How to Pack for an Extended International Trip

When traveling internationally for an extended period of time, there is a balance between bringing what you want and not being weighed down by a ton of luggage. In this day in age, when airlines pose stringent weight limits on individual bags and even charge to check in luggage it is even more important to carefully plan what to bring.