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Members Only – Guatemala


Episode 2 covers the site called Yaxha. It is nearby Tikal and wonderfully preserved. The roads near the airport start off pretty good, but get worse as you enter the countryside. Along the way, you will pass through villages getting a glimpse of their daily life. We had lunch at a nearby ecolodge.

Episode 3 covers Tikal itself. We stayed at ecolodge inside of the park. This meant we could walk through the ruins at anytime. We got the chance at the end of our stay to reenter the ruins in the late afternoon. We watched the sunset from on top of one of the ceremonial temples. We were treated to conversations with people from around the world. At the end of the video you will see some excellent shots of a toucan. I used a 10X lens and a 2x multiplier to get this shot. It was fun to hear the toucan call to other toucans nearby before he flew away. We were completely by ourselves on the walk back to our lodge. We had a cold beer to celebrate the day.