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Uganda Fast Facts

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Here are a few facts about the population, location, currency, income and demographics of Uganda. For further information, click Uganda facts from Wikipedia.

Population 30,900,000 As of 2007
Capital Kampala
Currency Ugandan Shilling 1 Uganda Shilling = 0.0004673 US Dollar; 1 US Dollar (USD) = 2,140.00 Uganda Shilling (UGX) – April 2009; Click the Currency Converter for current rates by, The Currency Site. Use the back button to return to this page.
Languages English, Swahili, Luganda
Latitude / Longitude 0° 32’N, 32° 58’E
Scale About the size of Oregon
Time Zone GMT+3 Current Time in Uganda:
GDP (PPP) per Capita Approximately $1,100 2008 estimate
Country Independence Coffee, Fish, Minerals
Major Exports 1962 from UK
Major Religions Roman Catholic, Protestant, Islam
Average Life Expectancy About 52 years
Literacy About 70%
Population access to Electricity Less than 10%

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