South American Tango: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

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For two weeks in March 2010 we sampled the best of central South America, focusing on the countries of Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. Our time in Argentina was spent in Buenos Aires, soaking up the city by experiencing the diverse neighborhoods that comprise this vast metropolis. We then took an overnight bus to the border city of Posadas and crossed over into Paraguay.

In Paraguay we visited two Jesuit mission sites to relive a significant time in this region’s history. A six hour bus trip took us to the Brazilian border, where we spent two days at Iguazu Falls. We had the opportunity to view it from both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides.

Uruguay was our last country on this itinerary and we reached it after flying back to Buenos Aires and taking a one hour ferry trip to Colonia, which is a World Heritage Site city. Then we were on to the capital city of Montevideo for some sightseeing before flying home.

South America Itinerary

3 March 2010
Fly from LA to Dallas; change for overnight flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina
24 March 2010
Arrive in Buenos Aires early in the morning; explore the Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martin and pedestrian streets in the afternoon; eat at a steakhouse for dinner
35 March 2010
Buenos Aires
46 March 2010
Buenos Aires and overnight bus to Posadas, Argentina and then border crossing into Paraguay
7 March 2010
Arrive in Posadas, Argentina and cross the border to Encarnacion, Paraguay
8 March 2010
Visit Jesuit Missions in Southern Paraguay
79 March 2010
Travel six hours by bus to Cuidad Del Este and then cross the border to Brazil; overnight stay at Foz do Iguacu, gateway to Iguazu Falls
810 March 2010
Brazil side of Iguazu Falls
911 March 2010
Argentina side of Iguazu Falls
1012 March 2010
Fly to Buenos Aires and spend the afternoon there; take a one hour ferry to Colonia, Uruguay
1113 March 2010
Visit historic Colonia, including several museums
1214 March 2010
Take a 2 1/2 hour bus to Montevideo, Uruguay; spend afternoon sightseeing
1315 March 2010
Fly from Montevideo to Buenos Aires, then overnight to Dallas
1416 March 2010
Fly from Dallas to Los Angeles

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