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Ecuador: Quito


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10 November 2008

Ecuador’s capital city, at over 9,000 feet, is the second highest in the world. The city stretches about 30 miles long in a valley surrounded by mountains. La Virgen de Quito overlooks the city from one of the mountains. We stayed in the old town, which is designated a World Heritage Site. Our hotel was a remodeled 16th-century home.

After arriving there on Monday afternoon from the Amazon Basin, we checked into the hotel and then took a self-guided walking tour of the Old Town, visiting many of the major historical buildings and plazas. The Plaza Grande, also known as the Plaza de la Independence, contains the Presidential Palace. We passed by several of the Old Town cathedrals and monasteries, which were beautiful.

After walking around for a couple of hours and ending our stroll in a city park, we went back to the hotel for an excellent dinner. We woke early the next morning (11 November) for our trip to the airport and flights to Miami and Los Angeles.

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