Email: Greetings from Vancouver

After 84 hours and about 2,800 miles of train travel we arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia at 8:30am this morning, about one hour ahead of schedule. When I last wrote we had been in Winnipeg, Manitoba, slightly less than halfway through the trip. The scenery, which had been rolling hills, lakes and streams to that point, had already flattened out as we reached Winnipeg. As soon as the train left the city at mid-day, we immediately began to travel through prairie farmland with waves of yellow canola plants with a few purple flax mixed in. It literally looked like a Van Gogh painting.

Email: Greetings from Winnipeg

We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a four hour train stop on our journey from Toronto to Vancouver. This gives us the opportunity to get off the train and see the city. Darren is out running along the river and I am exploring the downtown area. We are about 33 hours from our train starting point of Toronto. Our time there was interesting to say the least.

New Canadian Train Journey Planned

We are getting ready to take another epic train journey in June – this time to Canada. We will board The Canadian train in Toronto, Ontario for a four night journey to Vancouver, British Columbia. During the 2,775 mile trip we will pass through Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Why Travel?

We recently returned from a two week trip to South America, visiting Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. It was a tough journey, probably the most adventurous trip in several years that we have taken. We were actually on the ground for only 12 days and seeing four countries in that time was ambitious. What made it more so was the fact that we covered much of it overland, taking a 14 hour overnight bus, and then boarding other local buses for six hours and two hours, along with a 90 minute ferry ride. We also crossed four borders overland, exchanged money between each and had to rely on our high school Spanish throughout, which made things take longer and resulted in some comedic situations. I couldn’t help feeling at one point in the trip, however, that maybe I was getting too old for this.

South America: Uruguay

Uruguay was the last country that we visited during our South American trip. Here we spent time in the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento and in the capital, Montevideo.