Thanks for visting Our Distant Journey! We created this site to chronicle our global adventures since we began shooting digital photography in 2000 and video in 2003. To date we have visited over 40 countries on six continents as a couple or with our two children.

Our philosophy is to experience travel “authentically,” meaning that we minimize the use of planes and try to use public transportation wherever feasible. We tend to walk around cities to get the real feel for them and try to interact with locals where possible, whether by hiring local guides or even through home stays. We like to mix visits to the iconic places in the world with the adventure that keeps travel fresh and exciting.

The purpose of this site is to first, post our journal accounts or even our actual emails that were written from the road sharing our impressions as things unfolded on our trips. We have sent over 40 emails from six continents; when you see the icon below, click on it to read more.


These emails are unedited (except to correct some spelling and grammar mistakes not easily seen when composing away from home). Our hope is that you enjoy these “emails from the road” as we experienced them at the time.

Second, we hope to educate others about the countries we have visited, as well as provide our “road warrior” knowledge on how to plan and journey internationally, along with the challenges and joy of traveling with children at various ages.

Our hope is that our travelogues and recommendations will inspire you on your next “distant journey.” You can also read more about us and why we travel.

We would love to receive any feedback or suggestions that you may have. Click here to contact us.


Darren and Sandy Van Soye

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